APARTMENT 4 :: Residenze Lòò Bach

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apartment 4

Dwelling obtained from the old portion of the nineteenth century in larch wood beams joint together by halvingThe beauty and peculiarity of the apartment are evident: the antique wooden structure, entirely panelled in larch wood planks, offers a comfortable and unique space. The entrance in Barge stone slabs opens up on the living room, which is characterized by a beautiful staircase headed to the upper level rooms making a wonderful interplay of beams and planks. The two windowed bathrooms are paved in stone and preceded by an anteroom. The unit features a private terrace and a wooden balcony that provides a view of the river Lys and the Lòò cascade.


the apartment




82.38 m2


30.00 m2


1 parking space



Rooms: bedrooms, living room, dining room
Description: planking in larch wood that has been salvaged from previous removals and then polished, restored and treated with natural waxes
Rooms: bathrooms
Description: quartzite slabs or large Barge stone


Rooms: bedrooms, living room, dining room
Description: thoney-colored, natural treated larch wood planks; painted plasterboard
Rooms: bathrooms
Description: large quartzite slabs

window sill

Rooms: all rooms
Description: interior in chestnut or larch wood, exterior in stone

interior doors

Rooms: all rooms
Description: larch or pine solid wood, brushed. Natural colour

exterior doors
and windows

Rooms: all rooms
Description: larch wood glulam with thermal and acoustic insulating glass 4+16+4 mm thick

entrance door

solid wood

electrical system

high quality finishes as by law enacted / burglar alarm/ smart light switches / circuit breaker "bio-switch" / digital terrestrial antenna and satellite dish / electrical loads management relay

heating system

lpg heating system as by law enacted / temperature control with GSM remote control / tubular steel or cas iron radiators / predisposed for the installation of a pellet stove or a fireplace


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