PROJECT :: Residenze Lòò Bach

The wonderful historic home of Lòò Bach is located at the foot of the Monte Rosa’s range in the region called Aosta Valley, in a Gressoney-Saint-Jean’s ancient hamlet named Ondre Tschossil, composed of buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

the history

As an ancient Walser construction, the house was composed by two wooden portions, united in the 19th century to become a single, stately home. The date carved on the ridgepole, 1783, attests that the structure of the northern portion is from the 18th century, whereas the second raccard dates back to the year 1863.

the restoration

The building, now under protection of the Valle d’Aosta regional laws, will undergo a philologically thorough restoration, designed to keep intact the historical and architectural characteristics of the edifice. 


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